Our Letter of Warranty

Majik Dent Repair will provide for repairs to the sheet metal and surface finish area(s) for a vehicle when Majik Dent Repair (hereafter called MDR) is responsible for defects to that sheet metal as specified below under the following terms, conditions and limitations:


This warranty applies to the panel on your vehicle which was repaired by MDR. It covers your vehicle under your ownership during the warranty period. The warranty only applies to the AREA of the panel which has been repaired by MDR. AREA is defined as the portion of your panel, which was dented and subsequently repaired by MDR, and only that specific portion of the affected panel.

Warranty Period
The warranty period corresponds exactly to the warranty period provided by the manufacturer of a vehicle for coverage of defects in paint finish and corrosion resistance. That is, MDR warrants that its work will not compromise the finish or corrosion resistance of the sheet metal panels on a vehicle for the tenure of a lease or ownership of a vehicle. In the event of a sale or lease termination of a vehicle, the date of said sale or lease termination is the date the warranty period expires.

Repair Charges
There shall be no charge for approved repairs performed according to specifications outlined above. MDR shall not be responsible for charges of a non-repair nature, e.g., cost of a rental vehicle while we repair the affected sheet metal panel, or for items such as loss of vehicle use, or for time or wages lost due to the performance of warranty repairs.

Warranty Limitations
You must check the paint finish and anti-corrosion warranties provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Its limitations as to causes of defects which qualify for the manufacturer’s coverage apply to the MDR warranty as well. Specifically, Majik Dent Repair’s warranty is limited to defects caused by MDR repair work. All other paint, finish and corrosion coverage is reliant upon the terms, conditions and limitations of your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

To Obtain Warranty Repairs
To obtain warranty repairs, contact Majik Dent Repair at (416) 453-2300 or
1-888- HAIL TEAM.  Damage claims will not be deemed presented or honored under any circumstances without presentation of the following documents:

 1) the dealer’s copy of the PDR Inc. repair order and
 2) receipt of payment for PDR Inc.’s services upon the repaired vehicle.

Coverage Exclusions
In general, for cases in which your vehicle’s MANUFACTURER excludes warranty coverage. Some of these exclusions on the MDR repaired AREA include, but are not limited to:

1) Damage caused by objects striking the panel.
2) Damage caused by a collision with another vehicle.
3) Any alteration of your vehicle’s affected body panel such as: repainting, use of cleaners or solvents     which your manufacturer does not recommend, or modification for any reason.
4) Damage caused by airborne chemicals, stones, hail, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.
5) Damage caused by flood or fire.

Other Terms
Legal rights pertaining to this warranty may vary from province to province.  Consult your local statutes for details and rights. Majik Dent Repair does not authorize any person or other entity to create for it any other obligation or liability relating to the designated PDR repairs.  Performance of authorized repairs is the sole remedy under this MDR warranty.  MDR assumes no responsibility outside the terms of the warranty for incidental or collateral damages.  MDR makes no other warranty of any kind, express or implied, not specifically set forth above.  In no event shall MDR be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages for breach of this or any other warranty, express or implied.



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