Andrew Majik has been ice racing since the winter of 2002.  What began as a tentative exploration of the event has developed into an exciting family hobby – on and off the track.

In January of 2002, Andrew accepted the invitation of a friend to check out ice racing in Minden, Ontario.  It only took one race as a passenger for him to decide this was his winter sport.  He obtained a racing licence and was literally ‘off to the races’.  His first year earned him a trophy for Rookie of the Year and 3rd in his class.  In the subsequent years he has taken home four Division Titles, one Overall Championship and two 2nd place trophies.

His sons Johnathan and Christopher (then 9 and 7 respectively) went with him to the track to cheer him on and play in the snow. Before long their weekends became opportunities - to learn about cars, driving, camaraderie and sportsmanship.  When they were old enough they rode as passengers and - like father, like sons – they were hooked.

With January approaching, the cars are being prepped, winter clothes are being packed and the Majikdent Repair team is warmly anticipating a season that leaves most other people cold.


Andrew Racing 1


It's a family affair...

Andrew’s wife, Joyce decided to see what all the fuss was about and went with them one weekend.  It was no surprise when her voyage as passenger resulted in a desire to drive and in 2004, race licence in hand, she slipped behind the wheel.  In spite of some mechanical pitfalls she had an excellent first year, just missing rookie of the year by mere points.  To date she has two 3rd place trophies.

Each year the boys learned more about prepping cars and eagerly participated as pit crew. Starting out with checking tire pressures they became experts at changing tires, boosting batteries, straightening crumpled fenders and changing broken axles.  They also learned about teamwork and perseverance and in 2009 when Johnathan got his driver’s licence at the age of 16, he joined the pack and won Rookie of the Year.

Joyce Racing


More Pics

Andrew 1st through

Joyce 1st through

Our Sponsors

Majikdent Repair would like to thank our sponsors for their invaluable contributions to our sport. 
Our sponsors are greatly responsible for the optimum performance of our cars and contribute toward a venue where all ice racers can engage in safe and friendly competition during a season when most drivers dream of spring.

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